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"Collector 3" may be released in 2021

The date of the release of the film "Collector 3" in Russia is unlikely to be 2020, most likely 2021, the actors keep the plot secret, and the trailer will not be released soon, because the filming process should begin in July 2019. The first two parts of the horror had good box office fees and ratings. How successful the continuation of the thriller will be will depend only on the creators of the franchise, and viewers will be able to find out about this by 2021.

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The Long Night - Prequel Games of Thrones

With the end of the world-famous “Game of Thrones”, a great era in the fantasy world is leaving, but fans and fans should not lose heart, because the film universe of the project will not sink into oblivion, but will return to the series “Long Night” (or “Blood Moon”) with an unknown date release, but the actors have already been announced, the trailer will be released later.

How the main characters of the film “The Irony of Fate” have changed over 45 years

New Year is not New Year without olivier, sparkling champagne, tangerines and the unchanging “Irony of Fate” on the first channel. The film was released back in 1975 and since then has been an obligatory item of the main winter holiday. Can you calculate how many times you have reviewed the story of the hardened bachelor Zhenya Lukashin, who goes to the bathhouse with his friends on New Year’s Eve, gets drunk a lot and instead of his friend gets on a Moscow-Leningrad plane?

"Cyborg" - will a solo film happen

The new chapter in the expanded DC Universe was supposed to be opened by the fantastic action movie Cyborg (the exact release date for the film in Russia is set for April 2020, the cast and trailer are not announced, some details of the plot are known), but the production status of the superhero action movie is still unknown.

7 films about the sea and the ocean with real stories

Raging ocean waves fascinate and attract attention. What destructive power is nature ready to demonstrate to show a person who is the real master here? Below is a list of films about the sea and ocean, based on real events. At the mercy of the elements (Adrift) 2018 Genre: Action, thriller, drama Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.7, IMDb - 6.6 Real story: In 1983, a young couple Tami and Richard decided to earn some money.

Breaking Bad will bring the heroes together again

Vince Gilligan is the creator of the series Breaking Bad. He wrote the script, he was also the producer of his brainchild. And just recently, Vince shared his dreams with reporters: he wants Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul to work together again and be in the same frame. Brian Cranston (Walter White) in a photo shoot for EW Producer revealed his secrets to Entertainment Weekly during an interview.

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The saddest films in movie history

Autumn is a time when a person is in a lyrical and romantic mood, therefore films are also looking for dramatic, noticeably sad, but in their own way strong and touching. We have prepared for you complicated films with an autumn mood, which are pleasant to watch, wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of fragrant tea in hand.

Kalashnikov - a film about the creator of the legendary weapon during the Second World War

Sergey Bodrov Sr. became the producer and screenwriter of the project about the famous inventor of AK-47 - the release date for the film Kalashnikov in Russia is set for November 10, 2019, the actors, plot and shooting details have already been announced, the trailer has not yet been released. The project will tell an autobiographical story about how Mikhail Kalashnikov managed to create his legendary invention.

"Sterwell" - the prequel of "101 Dalmatians" will be released in 2021

Disney again makes the viewer nostalgic, restarting the well-known story about the Dalmatians and the villain with black and white hair. The release date for the new film “Sterwell” (Cruella) is set for May 2021 (release in Russia and the trailer will appear later), the cast and plot details are already known. The animated cartoon "101 Dalmatians" of 1961 was a real hit for Disney and brought in $ 320.6 million in box office worldwide.

Top 10 Basketball Films

Basketball is truly a wonderful sport. This can be confirmed by anyone who at least once drove the ball forward to the rings, avoiding opponents. Basketball competitions are often exciting and extremely exciting for the casual spectator, but fans watch films about basketball not only because of one game. They have a desire, a thirst for victory and incredible perseverance during training.

The Devil All the Time

It became known that the director Antonio Campos (“The Punisher”, “Sinner”) began shooting the new film “The Devil Forever” (Devil for All Times) 2020, the exact release date is still unknown (the list of actors will be presented below). The film will be an adaptation of the book by Donald Ray Pollock. The star cast, twisted plot and professional work of the entire film crew - this is what awaits the audience in 2020.

List of the most anticipated films 2019-2020 by release date

Most moviegoers have already familiarized themselves with the list of trailers for the most anticipated films of 2019-2020 in Russian - many films will really amaze with their scope and cool special effects. Judging by the commercials, in 2019 and 2020 there will be a huge number of films that will break all the records for popularity.

11 offensive deaths on TV shows that no one expected

Today, TV shows are a trend that will not be a thing of the past. Hundreds of worthwhile projects come out annually, each of which finds its own audience. Starting to watch the series, the viewer delves into the plots that are taking place, truly becomes attached to the heroes, chooses special favorites for himself. And what a shame when the heroes unexpectedly and completely unjustly die at the behest of the scriptwriters.

Ilyinsky line

Films about the war should be created by professionals who are the best in their field. An example of this is the painting “Ilyinsky Line” (filming took place in 2018) with talented actors of Russian cinema, a teaser trailer is available for viewing, and the release date of the film is scheduled for 2020. The Voyenfilm film studio entrusted the creation of the film project to Vadim Shmelev, Igor Ugolnikov and Yevgeny Aizikovich.

17 interesting balconies that can only be seen in Russia

The balcony is a multifunctional place. For some it’s a warehouse, for some it’s a workplace, and for someone it’s a nice corner where you can retire. But the fantasy of apartment owners, judging by the photographs presented in our review, knows no bounds. Pharaoh’s Abode Part of Ancient Egypt in Russia Combination of apartments “And the apartment turned out to be one floor lower ...” Balcony and character Female and male look at the design of the balcony Guarded Watchdog on the balcony Minimalism Nothing extra Skillful hands Thanks to skillful hands the window turns into neat balcony Garage Balcony with a special place for a bicycle Gulliver Huge balcony on the background of small balconies White crow "A man wanted a balcony - a man made it!