The company Walt Disney has announced the sequel to "The Last Knight"

Disney in Russia, together with Yellow, Black and White and the Rossiya television channel, began preparing for the filming of the sequel to The Last Bogatyr. The first part has become one of the highest grossing films in the history of Russian film distribution.

“For us, the success of the film“ The Last Hero ”was a great joy! Almost 7.8 million people watched our tale, and we are especially pleased that people came to the cinema as a family! We are grateful to our wonderful partners: the company Yellow, Black and White, with whom we created our film, and the TV channel Russia, which provided him with powerful information support. It is a great honor and pleasure for us to announce the start of preparatory work to continue the story so beloved by the audience! ”Said Marina Zhigalova-Ozkan, General Director of Walt Disney in Russia.

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